Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are memberships?

A: 55+ All Access – $44.10/month + $60 joiner fee (Individual) or Social Membership – $20/month no joiner fee.

Q: If we leave the area for several months in the winter, can we suspend our membership?

A: Yes. If you have a social membership at The Landing you can suspend your membership at no charge by notifying us and then reinstate your social membership when you return. With a full Y membership, you can suspend membership for up to 3 months for a charge of $15 per month. This helps you avoid paying another one-time initiation fee when you reinstate your membership.

Q: What does a social membership include?

A: Social Membership. You pay a nominal monthly fee for use of the social center area where everyone gathers. You’ll have access to educational programs and many other enjoyable and healthy activities taking place in our main senior social center. Financial support available if needed.

Q: What does a full 55+ All Access Membership include?

A: 55+ All Access Membership. You can access all The Landing activities and facilities including a new multipurpose gymnasium (for pickleball, Silver Sneakers classes, line dancing, golf lessons and more) plus all that the Woodson YMCA offers including running/walking tracks, swimming pools, and cycling/weight lifting equipment. Financial support available if needed.

Q: Do you have to live in Wausau to join?

A: No. Any area residents are welcome. Transportation is not provided.